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Our 2018 meeting will be held on February 14th at 10:00 am in the Meeting room. Membership dues are $70 and will be collected at the meeting.

The league will be playing at the Lakewood Country Club every Wednesday at 9:30 am starting mid-April. Cost will be about $37 per round. You can join as a single or as a two man team and you need not play every Wednesday.

All past and future members are welcome to attend!

Vic Oporto (732) 678-7495



                         Holiday Heights Golf League Player's Form

The Holiday Heights Golf League plays every Wednesday at the Lakewood Country Club in Lakewood. Starting tee time is 9:30am. Members are paired into two man teams (single players are welcome) but scoring and prizes are on an individual’s score basis. This is a fun league where handicap is not important and with some players “golfing” skills. The league plays for 22 or 24 weeks starting in Mid – April weather permitting. You can play as often as you like; missing a week is not a problem.  You can join as a “regular” player or as a “substitute” player who will fill in when regular players can’t make it. There are five tournaments with prizes and an annual luncheon. Fees are $70.00 annually to join (regular player) and $37.00 each time you play. If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Information call 732-349-6580.
[ ] Regular Player             [ ] Substitute Player

Name: __________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________


Telephone Number: ______________________________________

Email Address (please print clearly) ____________________________


print this form, print all the information, Bring it to Feb 14th meeting with your check or mail this form and your check before Feb 14th to:

Mr. Craig Lyons
172 Port Royal Dr.
Toms River , NJ 08757 

If you want to play/team with a specific partner please note the name here:


If this form will not print, you can download and print the form, here; GOLF FORM

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