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Toms River, NJ
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     OFFICE PHONE: 732-244-8686
     OFFICE EMAIL: admin@holidayheights.com (Realtors should always call or fax the office as this email is not constantly monitored)
     OFFICE FAX NUMBER: 732-244-1447


     Open Board Meetings - 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 10:30 am in the Multi-Purpose Meeting Room

     Homeowners Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of alternate months at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium, 2:00pm in the winter

MAINTENANCE FEES ($98 per quarter)

     Fees are due on the 1st day of each quarter.  Late fees of $25 will be added for payments made after the 10th day of each quarter.

	 	1st Quarter due January 1

	 	2nd Quarter due April 1

	 	3rd Quarter due July 1

	 	4th Quarter due October 1


LABOR DAY - 1st Monday in September

Both buildings will be open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Office will be closed and custodian will not be available.

THANKSGIVING DAY - 4th Thursday in November

Both buildings and the office will be closed.

CHRISTMAS EVE - December 24th

Both buildings will be open until 5:00 pm - Office will be open during regular hours.

CHRISTMAS DAY - December 25th

Both buildings and the office will be closed.

NEW YEARS EVE - December 31st

Both buildings will be open until 5:00 pm - Office will be open during regular hours.

NEW YEARS DAY - January 1st

Both buildings and the office will be closed.


The "Homeowner Handbook" and badges are BOTH integral parts of your home. They belong to the house

and not the homeowner. Keep them in a safe place marked with a notation that they belong   

to the house. In the event of the demise of a homeowner children seem to overlook this fact  

and throw out both.

SNOW REMOVAL  Plowing will occur with 4" or more of accumulated snow. The depth of snow determines 

how long it will take to clear driveways. PLEASE BE PATIENT. The office phone (732-244-8686) will be programmed

to let you know if we are plowing. Driveways will be cleared after Berkeley Township clears the roadways.  

	Plowing is done in the following order:

	Clubhouse Pathway for emergency vehicles and Board members

	Clubhouse parking lot

	All other homeowners

	Driveway Plowing ribbons

	Red - Do not plow ribbons 

		You may pick up a red ribon at the office to indicate you do not want your driveway plowed.

	Homeowners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their home.

	Contact Berkeley Township with complaints about roadway clearing and mailboxes:

		Public Works:  732-349-4616

		Town Hall: 732-244-7400

	If you need emergency transportation call Berkeley Police at 732-341-6600
LAWN CUTING NOTICE Grass cutting typically starts in late April and continues every 10 days - weather permitting. The first cutting cycle for 2018 begins Monday, April 23rd. They will be cutting the area east of Davenport then working towards the Clubhouse. CLICK HERE TO GRASS CUTTING POLICY
The "normal" season allows for 18 - 19 cuts. We will NOT cut on Sundays. POOL REGULATIONS Please be reminded of the following pool regulations detailed in our by-laws: CLICK HERE TO VIEW POOL RULES
(see page 46 paragraph 1) Every Living Unit has four badges, i.e. two (2) Green Members and two (2) Yellow guest badges. Badges shall be worn or carried by Homeowners and guests while they are engaged in indoor or outdoor activities, when boarding the Community bus, using the pool and upon request for certain events. Lost badges shall be purchased at a cost set by the Board. The Homeowner is to return the badges in his set that were not lost. GUESTS AND CHILDREN, A Homeowner shall accompany guests and children at all times and shall assume responsibility for them when they are using the common facilities. The Homeowners shall be liable for the replacement cost of vandalized equipment or facilities. DOGS & PETS Dogs are to be on a leash whenever outside their home. All pets must be under control. No pets are allowed on other owners lawns or property nor on any common areas. Sidewalks are not private property. Dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse or on Clubhouse properties (parking lots, walks, lawns, etc..) Dog owners must pick up after their dogs, NO EXCEPTIONS! PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES If you have any questions the directors will be glad to answer them.







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