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The next Holiday Heights grass cutting cycle # 13 will start on Friday september 7th, weather permitting. It will start on Narberth way and head toward the clubhouse. Please do not water your lawn on the day before your schedule cut. A daily cut schedule can be found on the grass page of our web site and have also been published in the September Courier. There are 6 more grass cutting cycles left.  

We have been having problems with concrete collars around some sprinkler head. Please be sure these are pushed down below the grass level or they could be hit causing pieces of concrete to go flying. Very dangerous and could cause injures.

Click to see where your street falls in the cut cycle!


Issues relating to grass cutting operations must be reported to the office in writing, using the forms provided.

     Damage to property such as siding, fences, borders and sprinklers will be addressed in a timely manner.  Our contractor has staff and handles these repairs.  Should you have damage, please take responsible measures to prevent further damage.  Repairs made by homeowners without authorization by the Board will not be reimbursed.  Please ensure the cutters have a clear path and your sprinkler heads are down on grass cutting days.

     Damage to lawns as scalping and ruts will be considered on a case by case basis.  Some will grow back without intervention.

     “No cut” flags are available in the office for those not wanting the association to cut their grass. Fill out the appropriate form for flags.

     Under normal soil conditions grass needs only ½ to 1 inch of water per week.  Our soils are generally wetter due to the high water table and type of soil; therefore adjust your sprinkler systems for roughly ¾ inch per week.  Also remember the water requirements for the area between the homes will be less than the front and back.

Reduce watering if the ground gets soaked

     Over watering can cause safety issues for the mowers and endanger the operators.  This will result in the homeowner receiving warning letters and possibly being fined if not corrected.






During a Snow Event, information will be placed on this page to keep the homeowners informed of what the Snow contractor is going to do.

Snow totals under 4 or 5 inches, we will NOT be plowing Driveways. Snow totals over 4-5 inches we will start plowing after Berkeley Township finishes plowing our streets and gives us the OK to start cleaning driveways.

We will also send out a Robo-Call to all homes and post the notification on our answering machine and on our facebook page, Holiday Heights Official.




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